Comparing Eyelash Extensions: Volume vs. Classic – Which Style Suits You Best?


Eyelash extensions have transformed the beauty industry, offering individuals an effortless way to enhance their natural allure. This cosmetic procedure, while seemingly simple, involves meticulous application techniques that cater to diverse aesthetic preferences and lifestyle needs. As more people seek personalised beauty solutions, understanding the nuances between different styles of eyelash extensions becomes crucial.

Among the popular choices, Classic and volume eyelash extensions stand out as distinct styles, each offering unique benefits. Deciding which style suits one best requires a deeper look into the characteristics and advantages of each. This article will delve into comparing Volume and Classic eyelash extensions to help determine the most suitable option for different individuals.

Understanding Classic Eyelash Extensions

Classic eyelash extensions, often referred to as the original style, involve the application of a single extension to each natural eyelash. This method enhances the eyelashes by adding length and a subtle volume, creating a look that is both natural and refined. The focus with Classic extensions is on enhancing the existing lashes without creating an overly dramatic effect.

Professionals typically use extensions that are slightly thicker than those used in Volume techniques to ensure that each individual lash is visibly enhanced. The result is a clean, defined look that enhances the eye’s natural shape and size. Classic extensions are ideal for those who have a good number of healthy natural lashes and desire a noticeable yet understated enhancement.

Exploring Volume Eyelash Extensions

Volume eyelash extensions, also known as Russian Volume, involve the application of multiple thin lashes to each natural eyelash. This technique can involve applying 2-6 ultra-lightweight lashes per natural lash, creating a more glamorous look. The Volume technique is especially popular among those looking to make a bolder statement or who have sparse natural lashes that need a significant boost.

The key to the Volume style is the use of lighter lashes that do not weigh down the natural lashes. This allows for a denser application without damaging the natural lash line. Volume lashes are perfect for special occasions, offering a dramatic and luxurious appearance that can be customised in density to suit the wearer’s preferences.

Comparing Durability and Maintenance

When considering eyelash extensions, durability and maintenance are important factors. Classic eyelash extensions generally require less maintenance than Volume lashes. Since there are fewer lashes applied, the wear and tear on each lash extension is minimised, potentially extending the life of the set. Touch-ups are typically needed every three to four weeks to replace lashes that have fallen out due to the natural lash cycle.

On the other hand, Volume lashes, due to their intricate application, may require more frequent touch-ups. The multiple extensions applied to each lash can lead to a faster build-up of natural oils and debris, which might affect the adhesive. However, with proper care, including regular cleaning and avoiding oil-based products around the eyes, Volume lashes can also last between touch-up appointments.

Suitability Based on Lifestyle and Preferences

The decision between Volume and classic eyelash extensions often comes down to personal lifestyle and aesthetic preferences. Classic extensions are ideal for those who prefer a more natural look or are trying extensions for the first time. They provide a significant enhancement while maintaining a look that is not too far removed from the natural state.

Volume lashes, in contrast, cater to those who seek a more dramatic effect or need additional volume due to sparse natural lashes. They are also a preferred choice for individuals involved in the fashion or entertainment industries, where a more striking appearance can be advantageous.

Both Classic and volume eyelash extensions offer distinct advantages and can dramatically enhance one’s appearance. The choice between them should be guided by individual beauty goals, natural lash health, and lifestyle needs. For a natural, everyday look, Classic lashes are the go-to, whereas for more volume and a touch of glamour, Volume lashes are the ideal choice. Ultimately, consulting with a professional lash technician can provide tailored advice and ensure that the selected style aligns perfectly with personal preferences and expectations.